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Construction company which delivers projects in the public and private sector.

The main aims of the company are:


• The study, supervision, and construction of technical projects for any public, private or local government organisations, in Greece or abroad.


• The contracted withdrawal and execution of all the above named projects through any option (competitions, committals, self-funded, etc).


• The execution of technical projects related with any type of recasting and reformation of areas and buildings.


• The contracted withdrawal and execution (with profit) of any technical project; of public or private or local government nature. 


• The trade of plots, the construction of buildings within them and the sale of horizontal properties. 


• The erection of buildings under the consideration option


• The execution of any type of reform and recast projects and their management (with profit).


• The study and supervision of technical projects of any nature. 


• The preparation of technical-economical investment reports.


• The construction and installment of any type of electrical energy production stations.


• The completion of any reports related with the installment, operation and reorganisation of primal-sector enterprises. 

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